Bird droppings are expensive and carry up to 63 diseases!

Droppings cost money. Cleaning crews, related equipment and time spent can generate large financial outlays unrecoverable by revenues. Birds are destructive to property, equipment and merchandise, any of which can lead to large financial losses. ​They deface rooftops, floors, walls, vehicles and equipment. They halt operations and make repairs necessary by entangling themselves in machinery or downing power lines. They spoil inventory by eating spillage, contaminating pallets of food, drugs or chemicals, or by bombarding aircraft and other durable goods with uric acidic excrement. They nibble at or even tear out insulation. The corrosive effect of droppings causes irrrversible damage. crucial prior to bird proofing or bird expeller installation. Dovecote ​professionals will ensure that your site is clean and the debris is safely removed per EPA standards. ​Additionally, there are more than 60 transmissible diseases, (some of which are fatal), associated with pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

USDA, OSHA, local health boards and other governmental organizations can cite and fine companies for bird mess problems, and even shut down those that leave problems uncorrected.

Our service includes:

  • Waste removal and clean up                                 - Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • ​Pressure washing of contaminated areas              - Complete job site clean up after                                                                                    installation.



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