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Flock to our team for reliable bird expulsion solutions.

Since 2001, we have been one of Oklahoma and Texas's top sources ​for bird control services. When pigeons, sparrows, geese, and other pest birds are making a mess of your property, count on us to effectively solve the problem and keep your site(s) relatively bird free for the future.

In most instances, after site cleaning, a combination of products are used to expel birds from buildings. These range from netting to ledge products such as "Bird Wire", "Bird Coil", "Shock Track" and "Bird Proof". These products are used mainly for keeping birds out of structures. The main problem here is pigeons and sparrows.

​Outside areas require different methods. Starlings and grackles are fond of feeding through the day and infesting trees,usually around shopping centers, just at sunset. They can be stopped with an application of lights and noise, done at the site each night for two t three nights in a row.

​Geese are the other "outside" problem They prefer golf courses, however, will go wherever there is water and rye grass. Usually they can be stopped by spraying a product  called "Goose Chase" on the grass. It irritates their throat membranes.

​Whatever your "Bird Problem" is, Dovecote has a proven solution. Call us for more information.